I attended my first yoga class at Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Studio in Santa Monica about 7 years ago.

Let me say that again, my first yoga class was A POWER YOGA CLASS.

It’s safe to say that I didn’t go back for a long time because of how hard it was! I did, however, always enjoy a good hard sweat - I grew up playing soccer and running long distances and after college I found myself trying every workout there was. In 2016 I injured my knee, and found myself return back on the mat.

Yoga has always taught me that if you can slow down and get still, you can come back to your true Self and live a purposeful life.


As a yoga instructor, I strive to create a safe place where people can find stillness, be themselves, and have some fun along the way.

I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaworks in SF (Spring 2018) with Sarah Ezrin and I completed my 500 hour Advanced Training with Melanie Salvatore-August at Yogaworks in Walnut Creek (Spring 2019). I teach one public class at Align Yoga and am available for private sessions (i.e. 1x1, corporate office, or event settings)!


I want to empower people to connect to their true Self every time they step on their mat and, furthermore, take what they’ve cultivated with them off the mat.


Yoga has been a large part of my life in many ways. Not only do I love teaching, I also love helping other yoga teachers and brands bring their visions to life through photography. You can view my portfolio here.