This mentorship opportunity is for you if:

⚡️You’re passionate about photography and know your way round a camera

⚡️You want to make the jump from viewing photography as a passion project/ side hustle into a career that’s consistently bringing you income to support the life of your dreams

⚡️You’re wanting to transform the way your clients/ future clients view your work from a simple photoshoot to an experience that they can’t wait to be a part of 

⚡️You want to work with someone who’s empathetic and grounded and will take the time to listen to you and truly understand your situation

⚡️You lack clarity in the process from shoot conception to gallery delivery and want to witness it all from an expert in the field

⚡️You’re looking to shadow at a shoot and gain real life experience in planning a shoot, connecting with your subject and cueing them

⚡️You want to walk through everything post-shoot from culling to proof gallery to editing to final delivery

Are you a photographer looking to uplevel your business through transformational mentorship? If so, I’m your gal!

Are you a photographer looking to uplevel your business through transformational mentorship?

If so, I’m your gal!

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This is for me! 
I want to work with you!

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When I found Em on social media, I just felt a soul connection to her and knew that our values were aligned. She captured exactly what I wanted and truly delivered on the vision that I have for my brand. Because of Emilie, I finally have the missing piece, content that aligns with who I am and what I’m offering to the world I Maila Wheeler, Hair Stylist + Color Specialist 

Emilie made me feel comfortable, beautiful, and empowered throughout the shoot.

Investment: $1500
Payment plans available, let's chat!

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⚡️Intentionally structured mentorship in a supportive environment with a professional photographer (that’s me!) I’ve been supporting myself for the last 4 years doing this gig full time, and I’m here to share everything I’ve learned

⚡️An entire day dedicated just to you and your learning process including: a styled shoot planned just for you where you can shoot and shadow followed by an in-person computer work day with culling images and editing (learning + imagery for your portfolio– SCORE!)
Behind the scenes look into my biz: client emails, contracts, proof galleries, social media management, client sales calls and MORE!

⚡️Q&A zoom call: ask me anything about photography, client work, building relationships– there’s no secrets here!

⚡️1 month of unlimited Voxer access and follow-up zoom chat

This mentorship opportunity includes:

I’m a passionate woman, brand photographer, and educator, here to share all the industry secrets and help you uplevel your photography career.. I've been a full-time photographer since 2017 and have learned so much that I'm excited to share with you!

From  building community and client relationships to creating an impactful shoot experience to slaying at the editing game– I'm your girl!

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Hi, I'm Emilie!

until we adventure together, I'm sending you *big hugs*

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