My whole life I was told I was sensitive and emotional. Over time, I began to look at it as my weakness, as something that I wanted to go away. 

It wasn’t until I went through yoga teacher training that I realized my sensitivity is actually my strength, my super power! It’s because of my emotions and feelings that I can connect so deeply to others and I believe that it translates through my photography. 

By authentically and wholeheartedly expressing myself, I give you permission to show up in your life, exactly as you are– both during our shoot and when you’re with your clients.

Sharing your personal brand story is so much more than sharing some selfies or product flat lays on social media, it is about sharing YOU, your STORY, your WHY– all the things that make you uniquely and exquisitely you.

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Hi, I'm Emilie!

I'm always sharing the real sh!t on instagram. Give me a follow @emilie.bers and send me a DM so we can connect on some fun facts about you!

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Well... TBH, its both humor and chocolate. I have watched SNL ever since I can remember - Kristin Wig might be my all time fav. I'll be that photog that's making you laugh all day throughout the shoot and capturing your authentic smile.

The 100% guaranteed way to my heart is through humor

My background is a total mixed bag of pharmacy school, retail customer service, 500 hour yoga teacher training and formal social media training. I’m a jack of all trades meaning I can coach you through physical alignment, breathwork for centering AND capture shots with your brand vision and ideal clients in mind!

Before photography, I was studying to be a pharmacist. What THE?!

Before photography, I was studying to be a pharmacist.
What THE?!

Adventure, connection, wellness, spirituality, love, fun and creativity

My core values

I’m highly sensitive, emotional, and intuitive. This is what allows me to connect to the world around me and also has taught me how to hold space for my friends, clients, and family wherever they are in life.

My superpower is definitely my sensitivity

For my 8th birthday, my parents gave me my first camera (a pink Barbie one!) and it's been love ever since. I’ve been professionally working with clients since 2017 and have had the great joy of shooting hundreds of spiritual and wild women since then.

The true ‘start’ of my photography career

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